Tabla comparativa de VS2008

A continuación una pequeña porción de la tabla comparativa de la línea de productos de Visual Studio 2008.

Herramientas de Edición de Código

Feature Area
Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition Visual C# 2008 Express Edition Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite
Bookmark window to display and navigate to bookmarks in your code    
Bookmarks enable you to mark lines of code and navigate to them    
Class Designer provides a visual design surface called a class diagram that you can use to work with classes and other types in a project
Class View displays the symbols defined, referenced, or called in the application you are developing  
Code Colorization colorizes code tokens and constructs so they are easier to scan and read
Code Definition window is a read-only editor view that displays the definition of a symbol in a code file stored in, or referenced by, the active project      
Code Snippets Manager to add folders to the folder list that the Code Snippet Picker scans for XML .snippet files  
Code Snippets provide a way for you to insert ready-made snippets of code into your projects  
Document Outline window provides an outline view of elements and scripts in the current document
Find All References enables you to find every line of code that references a particular class or member  
Generate Method Stub is an IntelliSense Automatic Code Generation feature that provides an easy way to create a new method declaration when writing a method call    
IntelliSense accelerated development by making language references easy to access and use
Metadata as Source enables you to view metadata that appears as C# source code in a read-only buffer    
Object Browser enables you to explore available objects and their members  
Properties window enables you to view and change the design-time properties and events of selected objects that are located in editors, designers, and other tools windows
Property Manager enables you to modify project settings that are defined in property sheets      
Resource Editors are specialized environments for creating, modifying, and previewing resources included in a Visual Studio project      
Source Code and Markup Formatting
enables the text editor to format source code and markup on a per language basis
Surround-With Code Snippets enable you to wrap selected lines of code a code snippet
Tag Navigator represents the element that is currently selected in the document and the hierarchy of parent tags to which it belongs      
Task List window helps you create and manage a list of programming tasks
Toolbox displays icons for items that you can add to the various design surfaces in Visual Studio

La tabla completa la pueden ver en: Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison.

También esta disponible para descarga en diferentes formatos en: Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison Data Sheet.

Revisando la tabla completa se percibe que algunas de las ediciones han ganado características (además de la novedades propias de la nueva versión) pero es de extrañarse que la edición Standard haya perdido algunas características disponibles en la versión anterior, entre ellas -la más notoria- es la de crear proyectos para Smart Device (Mobile).

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