“Web 2.0” es marca registrada

Por haber solicitado una marca registrada para el término “Web 2.0”, O’Reilly está demandando a IT@Cork, una organización sin fines de lucro de profesionales de TI, el no utilizar dicho término para su próximo evento.

La carta de los abogados se muestra a continuación.

IT@Cork receive a Cease and Desist from CMP

¡Así que mucho cuidado, que el uso del término “Web 2.0” sin permi$o es una “violación flagrante” a los derechos de marca registrada!

Mayor información en: O’Reilly trademarks “Web 2.0” and sets lawyers on IT@Cork!

[Actualización 1o. Junio 2006]

La respuesta de Tim O’Reilly:

A lot of people have been waiting for a statement from me (Tim O’Reilly) about the Web 2.0 service mark. I’m back, and here it is. This is a long post, because the issues are complex, and I hope people will read to the end. I’ll do my best to set the record straight, and to answer some of the comments and questions that have been flying around. I apologize to Tom for the unnecessary lawyer’s letter, and ask that he apologize to me for the way he stirred up the mob. I then explain the back story behind the registration of the Web 2.0 mark, and our current thinking about what to do about it. Because the post is so long, and I don’t want to break it in the middle, only this notice about the post appears on the Radar home page. Please click through to read the full posting.

Seguir leyendo: Web 2.0 Service Mark Controversy (Tim responding this time).

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